Sunday, July 31, 2005

And so it begins...

I have just completed my first day as a resident of New York. Weird. I mean, I haven't exactly had it set in, really. John is with me for a week, which is good, because trying to make this transition on my own would't be half as much fun without him. Still, it's all quite weird, thinking about the fact that I'm not leaving this time.

People have been calling, wishing me well. I had a few people over for a party before I left, and they all hugged me like I was leaving the planet or something. Like I was never coming back. But wasn't I? After all, John is still going to be in Carrollton, and I'll be coming back to see him every chance I get. Of course, he'll be coming to visit me as well, but surely I'll be down there my fair share, right? My friends certainly didn't seem to think so, by the way everyone was goodbyeing me. And I couldn't help thinking, "Come on, guys! Have a little faith in me, won't you?"

I got to New York and immediately went to the Bronx to see my new apartment. I may not have furniture yet, but I couldn't resist my curiosity any longer. Besides, I wanted to meet Jane, my new Canadian roomate. I knew she'd be cool from our phone conversations, but I couldn't imagine from her voice what she'd look like. I finally saw her coming out of what I would discover was my apartment building... she was short, fair skinned, wearing glasses, and with medium length dark blonde hair with a bold streak of blue running through it on the right side of her head. At once, I knew I'd be fine, and that this girl was definitely my kind of people. I also felt a little weird because I showed up dressed somewhat conservatively (what can I say... I had packed away all the fun stuff), and figured I'd end up projecting the wrong idea about myself, but I figured there'd be plenty of time to cure that, were it the case. The verdict on the apartment? Perfectly charming. Bigger than I expected. In fact, it was distinctly reminiscent of my apatments during my undergrad, of which I have some of my most valued memories (Terrace Gardens... once you've been there, you don't forget). John agreed with that impression of the place, and we both saw the similarity as an extremely good omen.

Speaking of John... he spent his very first day in the city today. He played it cool on the subway, although he did look a little overwhelmed at times. He's the sort that likes to be in control of his environment... just the sort of person who gets emotionally knocked on his ass when confronted with New York for the first time. We walked the city, rode a couple of trains, did some window shopping... then he caved in and did something touristy, going through Madam Tusseud's and enjoying himself quite a lot. All in all, a full day. The best part of it: John wants to stick around and do more tomorrow.

The thesis is still incomplete, but just barely. At some point, I'll sit myself down and crank it out. But not just yet. Right now, I want to play, and soak in my last week with my boy before our all too long separation. I know I can do this... I'm certain of it. Just let me have this week, and I'll be ready. Or closer to ready, at least, and that'll have to do. After that, bring it on.


Blogger Molly said...

I am so damn excited that I am commenting even before I read..........Emily, it is fucking great to be in touch with you again.........sorta. I can't wait to read.

Saturday, November 12, 2005 8:14:00 PM  

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