Friday, December 02, 2005

Crunch time ensues

Three more weeks before the end of the semester. Jeese, that was fast. I mean, really. I just got here! Actually, what am I saying? Today's December 2nd... wow... it's two weeks, then. Fine by me. That just means I have to get a great deal of work done in a pretty cramped amount of time. I've seen the inside of my office quite a bit more these days than any other time this semester, and I'm nowhere near done. I have four major papers due in the next ten days, and a final in two weeks. No problem. I just won't see very much daylight for a little while. No matter... I have my cozy fourth floor office on campus, I have all of my projects currently churning along, I have hot tea and coffee at my disposal while I'm there, my trusty iPod Nano remains plugged into my head, and I have various friends calling me in shifts to provide me with moral support. I'll make it... just send me encouraging thoughts for the next several days, whoever and wherever you are, because I definitely need it.

I have a choir concert tomorrow, preceded by a morning dress rehearsal. That means there won't be much chance to work on anything tomorrow, which is okay. There's another concert on Sunday afternoon, and that's also fine. I'll just wedge in some work here and there... of course, I have to try to do an open mic here at some point. maybe not this weekend, but soon, at least. Besides, I have another recording session this coming Tuesday, and there's no way I'm changing that, so I'm just going to have to bend the work around that. Monday's a class day, so I'll just stick around on campus after class to work a little, then go to choir and fencing practice before heading home. Wednesday is a great work day, since I only have one thing, colloquium, that I'm committed to... basically, I can spend that whole day in the office without flinching. On Thursday, my first paper is due. It's about fifteen pages worth of writing... nothing I can't tackle. After all, I survived the great masters thesis of 2005, didn't I?

Granted, some things have fallen to the wayside. My laundry is sitting in a bag, ready for the laundomat. Thing is, I'm not willing to put myself through that kind of hell. I mean, it causes me physical pain, for God's sake! Okay, maybe if I had, like, four friends to help me haul the damn thing up the stairs, I wouldn't mind it so much. Yeah, right. If I had four friends, I find it hard to believe they'd be stupid enough to pitch in with that kind of hellish undertaking. So there it sits, my giant bag filled with 35 or so pounds of my dirty laundry. Let it sit there, for all I care. I can't deal with it right now. Laundry be damned, I have papers to write. So what if I write them in funny-looking, non-matching clothes? I'm thinking of the greater good, people... my papers getting completed will kep me far more sane than doing my laundry will, which will in turn keep me from flipping out under ridiculous amounts of stress and attacking people on the street at random. Trust me... I'm thinking of everyone's well-being here.


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