Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Procrastination empathy

Again, this one is short, but there's at least something worth mentioning. As I flail around in my effort to study for my Methods midterm and complete my Cognitive paper by tomorrow, I find it amusing that John is in the process of plowing through a paper of his own. We both called each other a few times late into last night, discussing our respective works in progress. For me, it was like emotional oxygen... knowing he was dealing with his own beast was strangely comforting, almost rejuvenating in my most haggard, downtrodden moments of cranking out this paper or studying this dizzying material. Thanks, John, for the moral support. Chuck also did what he could to bolster my efforts from affar, so thanks for that, too. I'll be happy when this week is over and I'm workiing on two other projects due then... at least it'll provide for a change of scenery, yes?

Today will be a day of momentary social exposure, but I'm keepiing it to a bare minimum. I'm in my office now, but I'll soon be taking a break to grab some lunch... then, I'm off to my study carrel in the library. From there, I have choir rehearsal, followed by fencing, then back to the library until about midnight. After that, I'll probably go home and study a bit more, as well as fill out my paper now and then. If I need a more substantial break from what I'm doing, I'll put some work into my new song... I don't think it'll be ready in time for the next gig, but I might as well try... for now, though, it's all about the midterm and the paper. And coffee. No need to even ask... I feel an all-nighter coming on.


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