Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pictorial reminiscence

As of late, I've begun to miss some of the people I left back home. I mean, I'm not sitting around moping about them, but I do wish I could have them up here with me every once in a while. Believe it or not, I actually do have friends that claim me, and here are a few of them:

This is Lisa, my Dallas Opera buddy. I miss sitting with her and lamenting the stupidity running rampant around us in rehearsal. And yes, okay, she's a fabulous singer (even though I still think they're paying her way too much at her temple gig... some girls have all the luck). Here she is, being a little bit of an idiot, which is funny because she's a big-time corporate muckety-muck who makes more money than God. Oh, yeah... and, thanks to me, she's also Chuck's boss.

This is Ricky Rainey, eBay extraordinaire, tenor for hire, and one of my most favoritest boys in the whole world. They don't come any sweeter, I'm telling you (or more sensitive... the boy cries at the drop of a hat, which is kind of adorable). If I don't talk to this guy at least once a week, my whole world caves in. Aside from which, he's one of the best Wagnarian tenors you'll ever hear, hands down. Here he is at Dallas Opera rehearsal, also being an idiot.

And here are some of the baddest boys around... a few of my fellow bouncers back in Dallas. Here we have Tank (whose name is really James... we're not sure why he goes by Tank), Z (who we've dissowned ever since he moved to Alaska and never calls), Shawn (who still holds the record... and my heart... for performing the cleanest, most beautiful take-down in a fight that I've ever seen), and T-Bone (a giant teddy bear who should never be allowed to drink... ever). We had just broken up an after-hours fight moments before, and we were all taking a breather when I took this picture.

This is Jake, my tattoo artist, good buddy, and bass player. Not only is he remarkably gifted in the ways of inking me beautifully, but he plays that bass of his like an absolute madman. I miss playing the gigs in Deep Ellum with this guy... no matter what song I played on the guitar (or butchered, depending on the night), Jake could always make me sound like a goddess. If I ever make it big, I'm snatching him up and making him play on everything I record, and that's a promise.

And here is, by far, the crappiest possible picture of my most favorite boy, dressed in our famous bouncing attire. Hey, don't blame me... it's the only one I've got at the moment. Actually, it's not so bad if you squint. Keep in mind there's a big, red pony tail back there behind his head... he certainly wouldn't want anyone to forget that. Obviously, I miss this one the most... it's hard to function when half your soul is all the way across the country.

Just to prove that I actualy do have female friends (besides Lisa), here's Jessica, one of my fellow University of Dallas survivors. She and I went through comps together, which was scary (I came out of it a little better than she did, but she passed eventually). Right about the time I was leaving for New York, she was getting ready to leave for Florida to start a second masters program. Also, she wears way too much pink, and often forgets jut how white and blonde she is... luckily, I was there to put her in her place, usually hurting her feelings. Yeah, well, it was for her own good. She'd even tell you that.

And here we have John Sauvey, the blonde, blue-eyed, baritone bastard. I mean, okay, not really, 'cause he knows who his father is... but still. One of the funniest people alive, a hell of a singer, and one of the dearest friends I've ever known. We've been through a lot together, he and I. Here's one of his casual head shots. And don't tell him it looks good, or we'll never hear the end of it from his other half. (Ugh. I mean, seriously... love is one thing, but continuous bragging on your spouse? Again, I say ugh.)

Okay, I know they're not people, but they most certainly are my kids (no jokes about my good genes, thanks). I miss these guys like crazy. At this point, I'm still trying to figure out a way of finding a place to live where I'll be able to keep them comfortably. Here they are, the sweetest puppies I've ever come accross, Athena and Apollo. Jeese... I really do miss these little mongrels... I need to put another picture up to tide me over...

There we go.


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