Sunday, September 11, 2005

F is for foshizzle

I taught my first set of labs at Lincoln Center on Friday, and it went very well, thank you. It's nice when you're teaching a classroom full of students for the first time and you actually know what the hell you're talking about. Let's hope the trend continues.

In addition, I've finished two new songs. At once, no less! That's a first, actually... I must be pretty bored. Whether or not either one of them will make the cut come time for the CBGB thing is anyone's guess (if CBGB isn't closed by then... or maybe the lounge is staying open... who knows...), but I have them, either way. My friend Chuck is coming to New York next weekend and bringing my recording interphase and recording mics to me, so I'm looking forward to throwing these two onto a track and seeing how I feel about them. In the meantime, I still need to get my stupid guitar fixed, which I'm still saving my pennies for.

I also had "choir day" yesterday. It's been a while since I've been in a day-long choir rehearsal, and with a bunch of undergrads, no less. It was fine, though... it's just going to take a while to get used to all of the younglings. I'm not exactly geriatric in comparison, but I may as well be. It's horribly dreary to reflect on the fact that I'm singing in choir with people the same age as those I teach, and that the vast majority of them are ten years younger than me (flashback to Gross Pointe Blank: "Ten YEARS! Ten... TEN YEARS!") Whatever... my demeanor is apparently pretty youthful in the opinions of some (I apparently employ the lingo the kids are using these days?), and a lot of the little ones even walked in and assumed I was a freshman at first. Morons. And who knows? In a month or two, if I get a job at a club somewhere, I might be throwing these same kids out for underage drinking or something. Funny world, this.

By the way, I miss working the club scene. I love it... don't ask me why. It wasn't a power trip or anything... it was just nice to be a protector, a member of a team that made sure everyone was safe and didn't get too alcoholically challenged with one another. That, and it's great to have a team of big, strong, martial-artist types who are serious about what they do count you as one of their own, especially in the middle of an ugly physical altercation, when you can get each other's backs. It's always been a little strange being one of a very rare breed... female bouncers aren't exactly getting together and having meetings anywhere... but we do come in handy (ask any male bouncer who's had to deal with a chick fight or make his way into the women's restroom... and who else can pat down the female patrons without getting the club sued?), and we girl bouncers have a lot of pretty cool stories to share at quilting beas. Anyway, I miss it a lot. Which reminds me... I owe John a bouncer song... I told him I'd write one, so I suppose I should start thinking about it. Besides, I'll owe it to him after he hears the last one I wrote. Tisk, tisk, Emily... singing about being naughty again...

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Willy are coming by today to bring some things over and to see what I've done with my room. I have laundry to do before tomorrow (which is always an event... it's a block away, up and down five flights of stairs, and I always manage to have way too much laundry to carry comfortably), so I'd best get going with all of the cleaning up business. Ah... just a quick random note: I acquired a blanket at the university bookstore, which I've put over the Red Destiny, and Kitty (aka Radames, aka Kiddy bin Ladden, aka Kyaden, aka Walt, aka Deepthroat) has taken a liking to it. At any rate, here he is, doing his part to show school spirit:


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