Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Counting the losses, counting the gains

I've been going nuts trying to keep abreast of the news... everything from the political climate abroad to the hurricane aftermath here in the States. Normally, I would manage this by means of television coverage and internet exploration. These days, however, my life has been completely devoid of all television, and I'm limited to watching movies on my laptop. As for the news, it's internet only, which at first seems not to be such an arduous prospect. After a month of it, though, I can say with a great deal of confidence that I miss my TV. Not for the more entertaining drivel... or at least not primarily... but for the news. I read the paper, go to various sites online, and I still don't get my fill, not as well as when CNN is spoonfeeding me my daily dose. Perhaps, when the money's available, I'll spring for a TV, and, to make things even more sinfully delicious, throw in for cable.

On the other hand, I do have some things that I didn't before, which I'm rather enjoying. We had our psychology department orientation yesterday, during which we got quite the earfull; we met the faculty, then split off to our separate factions. There are six of us who are new to the applied developmental division, and all of us seem to be completely in the dark about what we want to do and under whose tuttleage. We are expected to choose someone in the faculty to be our mentor by the end of the semester, so we've all been sort of nodding our heads, pretending to have a good idea of what our plans are, then whispering to one another later on about how we haven't got a clue. Typical... frankly, I'm enjoying the ambiguity.

Apart from a two-hour orientation for all of the grad students teaching labs this semester (which I'm counting as my first class... I took five pages of notes and walked out with an armload of materials), I also had an additional, completely unexpected treat: I was assigned an office. It seems that I'll be sharing it with another new grad student, but we get along very well already, and , since she's fresh out of her undergrad, she sort of reveres me, which I don't think I'll dissuade. Besides, she may be moving to another office space soon, which leaves me by myself in the office within the next month. The best part, though, is the office itself... pretty big office, with a sizable window letting in plenty of natural light. I'll take it.

I expected changes. I didn't know how they'd affect me, but I did expect them. The basic outcome: I'm adjusting. My sans-television lifestyle may not last much longer, but I think I can manage the new office, the new teaching gig, the new department and new classes. All in all, the losses seem to be manageable. Not being with John is the worst to endure, and there are a couple of choice friends in Texas I wouldn't mind seeing. Telephone and email do wonders, though, and we've all become pretty proficient at using our resources. I've also just procured a web cam, a loaner courtesy of Aunt Jenny, which should also help. So the office, the classes, the teaching, everything new... I'll focus on all of that for now, and I think it'll get me by.

But then, the momentous news! I have a date for my first gig with NY Songwriters: October 11th, at 10:30pm (eastern time). The best part is that it'll be a live webcast as well, which means none of my friends in Texas have any excuse for not seeing me perform (other than not wanting to see me perform, of course). It'll be at the CBGB Lounge, which is downstairs at CBGB, and the webcast is at there's a link in the upper left corner of the home page screen, and the rest seems to be pretty self-explanatory. If anyone's in town on that day and wants to see me in the show (I get a full fifteen minutes... about 3 songs, maybe even 4, depending on which ones I decide to do), it's $5.00 for a ticket, and all of the proceeds from the door go to yours truly (if you mention that you've come to see me, that is). There... my shameless plug. And I am shameless about it, actually. Fact is, I'm proud as all hell about it. And trust me... if you had seen the talent I was up against, you'd know what I mean. So yes, show your support, and, somewhat less importantly, help me buy groceries. It's my New York debut, for chrissakes... it's not often you get to witness childhood-dream fulfillment first-hand, so I suggest you watch, if not to laugh about it with me later.


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