Monday, August 29, 2005

Riding the up-escalator

Orientation day... lesson #1: Don't sleep through your alarm for twenty minutes, or your roommate will think you're dead... lesson #2: Don't underestimate your short roommate's warp-speed walking pace, especially en route to campus at 7:30 in the morning, pre-coffee... lesson #3: Don't worry; all new grad students glare at each other incessantly and say nothing... for hours.

All in all, the day went extremely well. I didn't win an iPod in the raffle, but I did meet my fellow developmental psychology initiates, and they're all lovely and fascinating people. We did find it odd that I'm the only one that seems to have gotten a research assistanceship and a teaching assistant position... everyone else got either one or the other, and were starting to wonder who on earth I'd managed to piss off so soon. We laughed it off, of course, but now I'm beginning to wonder...

After a quick lunch and more socializing with my new fellow grad students, I made my way to Queens for a visit to Aunt Jenny's. I had to pick up my medication, and I assumed Aunt Jenny was due for some chatting up. We relaxed and had a really enjoyable time of it, including my introducing her to and, at her request, how to sell items on ebay. Miraculously, that turned out to be fun somehow.

I'd outlasted the sun in Queens, so I headed back to the Bronx, during which time I was asked by three different people for directions... and was successful in giving them. That was odd. Me? Knowing where I am and where someone should go? Surely not. There's been a brain stem transplant, doubtlessly.

I got home, started to wind down and call it a night, checked my email... got one I wasn't expecting: NY Songwriters. I made a quick mental call to Violet, took a breath, and opened it.

I'm in.

I'm going to keep riding the escalator... it's a smooth ride, the handrail seems firm enough, and the view just keeps getting better.


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