Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's official, I suppose...

I've now spent my first night and day on my own in New York as an all-alone resident. Then again, I wasn't exactly alone. Jane, my roommate, was with me for most of it, and she was incredibly entertaining and helpful. She gave me a bit of a tour around campus, during which I also got to see her office and meet some of her fellow philosophy folks. I don't imagine I'll remember any names, but I should be able to place faces well enough after at least meeting them today. She then took me to the school athletic center, named for famous Fordham alum Vince Lombardi. There, I got to work out for almost an hour, which made me feel much better after going a couple of weeks without seeing the inside of a gym.

We then went to a nearby diner, where I had a hell of a turkey burger, and we chatted on and on about nonsense. We definitely get along, which is great, and she's also secure in herself as her own person, which is also great. She gives me the help I need with directions now and then, then sends me on my way to explore on my own... which is just what I need to get grounded out here. I actually worked on my thesis a little, to my own surprise, and then Jane and I topped off the evening with some red wine, guitar playing, and listening to music from her vast computer-stored collection. All in all, an enjoyable day.

I still have trouble sleeping... the room still feels a bit foreign, as I imagine is natural. There are times I look up and get a little confounded about where I am, but it's not too terribly disorienting... I suppose this is what I can qualify as "things finally setting in," although the setting-in process itself can be somewhat cognitively unnerving from time to time. Good thing I have my courtesy-of-Chuck futon (I've taken to calling it the Red Destiny... upon seeing it, the reason for the name becomes pretty obvious).

I did something interesting today. I designed a business card of sorts, and I ordered it. It should arrive by the end of the month. It's not a typical business card, but a semi-promotional-flyer sort of thing, in business card form, designed to give out in regard to my music and performing. Why would I do such a thing? I mean, am I seriously considering performing out here? Well, why not... it is New York, and I was sort of asking for it by moving out here. So now, I've made it official, in my own way. Now my intentions are in print... two hundred and fifty copies worth.


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