Friday, June 09, 2006

Drifting through June

I've been to Texas and back, and I've been in New York for almost a week now. I flew in on Monday, taught on Monday night, then did very little since then. Okay, I recorded some, and I've spent a little time with family... I saw a movie, read a book, whatever. I'm not entirely bored, though. I'm writing things, at least. Hopefully, a new song or two will come out of me in the next few. Oh, and we've officially nailed down our new apartment... it's a three bedroom in Brooklyn, and I'll be moving there in July. John joins me there in August, so that gives me time to go over there and spruce it up before he moves in with the vast majority of our stuff. I'll be painting, wallpapering, cleaning, and moving things around, so I doubt I'll be bored much.

Thing is, I'm bored now.

Not really, though.

Oh, I don't know. I'm just a little lost. I'm so used to doing twelve things at once, and doing one thing at once seems a little bizzare. I'm not sure I love it, but I'm willing to try. So now I'm faced with what to do with the rest of June. Mondays are already taken care of, since I'm teaching then. Tuesdays through Fridays are free, so I'll be doing some CD-related mixing work, a little work here and there on the conference I'm trying to put together, and some early packing before the move to the new place begins. Of course, there's a week in there when I'll be in Florida... Panama City Beach is calling. Let's see... that's not till the week of the 20th. So this week is about teaching, a recording session, and packing. Oh, and writing a little. Okay. That's more than one thing. I'm starting to feel better. Then I'm in Florida, and then I'm back for more of the same. And that's June. Man, that sounds lame. Oh well... it's something, yeah?

July... well, that's different. That's going to be more my speed. I'll be taking two classes, moving into my new place, finishing up my CD, and prepping everything for John's move. I'll also be in touch with people for the conference, performing every weekend or so, and writing regularly, which will feel really good to be doing again. Okay. It'll be fine. Everything'll be fine.

When it comes down to it, though, I'm petrified. John's moving up here, and I'm elated about that. Just really scared about it, too. Really scared. Um... really, really. No idea why. I'll have to think on that one. I miss him like mad, but I'd love it if he could just be here all of a sudden, without the whole moving-in part. I can handle stress. John-related stress, on the other hand... I can handle that, too, but it takes extra coffee. it's killing me that I'm not able to fix up the new place just yet... some silliness about the current inhabitants still being there. And, given that they're my relatives, I ought extend the courtesy of waiting till they move out before repainting and wallpapering. Then, there's the issue of my getting the apartment ready for both John and me... in large part (if not entirely) without John here to help. I'm sure he'll give plenty of opinions on what should be done, but he won't have much time here to help do any of it, so it all rests on me to accomplish. Yeah, okay, I'll do it. But it's impossible to avoid the pressure this whole situation implies, and I'm not particularly enjoying it... let's just say it's not my favorite kind of stress. John, a well-established New York skeptic, may either love or hate his first year in New York based on what I end up doing with the apartment. Great. No pressure, right? Ah, screw it. How badly could I possibly botch things? Besides, the place is huge... the worst that could happen is that he hates it, and we can give him his own little room somewhere in the apartment, a space in which he can execute his every slightest decorative bidding. At least, that's the fall-back plan I'm going with for now. See? Fool-proof. Emily-proof, even.


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You and your thing about Brooklyn...

Monday, June 12, 2006 5:35:00 PM  
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