Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh, the drama

Okay... I promise to give the sort version...

Tuesday: got to my office to begin working at around 3pm.
Wednesday: left the office at around 7pm, went home for a quick shower and a change of clothes, stopped at Reuben's place for about a half hour and a beer, then went back to the office for more work.
Thursday: Left the office to print my papers at 1pm, then went to my 1:30 class, followed by my 3:30 class, handing in my corresponding papers at each one. Had dinner with Miraj, went to his place to do more work on another paper, went home at 2:30am, slept like the dead.
Friday: got up at 8am, did more work on the paper from the night before, recorded in Brooklyn with Craig, went home to do more work on my paper, packed my bag, left the apartment (by then, it was about 4am the next day)
Saturday: arrived at Laguardia airport, got stopped at the security check and had my bags searched, had to run like a crazy person to get on the plane while they called my name over the airport loudspeaker... watched "King Kong" on the plane, finished my paper just before we landed... met up with John, Jay, Nate, and Chuck at the airport; I went with John, Jay, and Nate to Arlington to get some things from the martial arts supply store (no idea why... just something John really wanted to do)... then we went home, and Chuck and I spent the rest of the day (until 2am) buying things for the next day's surprise graduation barbeque for John, in bed by 4am.
Sunday: Yeah... got up at 7am, got to University of Dallas at 8:30, John realized he'd left our graduation caps at home at 8:31... I was back at the house by 8:45, and pulled over by a cop on my way back to the university at 8:50. Finally made it to the campus by 9:10 (the ceremony started at 9), somehow snuck into our seating (that's it's own story, which I don't have the energy to go into right now)... met with professors and family afterwards, had a Olive Garden lunch with the fam, went to the tattoo shop to hang out with friends (and distract John while folks got stuff ready at home), went home to surprise John, had a great barbecue complete with cake and impromptu swinging of sticks... John then went to bed, everyone went home, Chuck and I cleaned up, and I finally collapsed at midnight.
Monday: Slept like a champ... didn't move till about 10am; bumbed around the house for a while, ran to Starbucks to email some things off (since the internet was down at the house), went with John to the tattoo shop, this time to actually get tattoos (I got one, he got two... that doesn't adequately depict how that went, so trust me when I say that John's were nice enough and mine was a masterpiece... no, really), went home after many hours at the tattoo shop, called it an early night at 1am.
Tuesday: Got up at around 8am, visited with my boys in Fort Worth over breakfast, was back in Dallas in time to say goodbye to John, then went with Chuck to look at a potential site for his offices before he took me to the airport... got stopped at security again... barely made it on the plane again... got back to New York, took a cab home, left my phone in the cab, ran to meet the cabby a few blocks away to get it back (after some frantic calls from our apartment land line), got home and did a little work on my last project, went to sleep around 3am.

To sum up... I'm friggin' tired. My trip to Texas was hardly a vacation... more of a marathon, really. Today was like a relaxation treat of sorts; I had a choir rehearsal for this Saturday's Fordham commencement, went to the Psychology department office to tie up a few loose ends, and went into the city to meet with the guy who I think will be doing my mastering (we actually mastered a song, and I'm pretty stinkin' happy with what he did, so now I'd like to announce that I will be taking donations for the mastering fund)... see? Nice, relaxing day. Tomorrow will be a little like today was, except for recording instead of mastering. Friday is a little bigger deal, since it's a full day of rehearsals, followed by a trip to the airport to meet John when he arrives. Well, bring it on. I could really care less about how busy things get, or how weird my schedule becomes. That last part about John coming to New York this weekend makes everything else seem like a twitch, a blink, a shrug... a nothing. My favorite boy is coming to visit, and I couldn't care less about anything else. Dramatic as things can often seem, what with the double-all-nighter and the graduation and the barbecue and the plane trips and the lost phone and the CD stuff and the getting ready for John to get here (oh, the LAUNDRY)... the hell with all of it. I'll be seeing my boy in a couple of days, and that's enough motivation for me to turn the world sideways if I have to. And, God help me, even do laundry.


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another great blog from you guys. i'd point you to mine but it isn't yet the way I'd like it. i do have a website that I think is cool, kind of almost about japanese martial art

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 6:36:00 AM  

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