Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The horn is just sitting there, so I figure, hey...

I might as well blow a little tune, yeah? So okay, it's not so much that it's bragging... it's just all a little weird. Extremely cool, but weird and random.

For starters, today was the day that the Emeril Live show was aired on the Food Network. I got a close-up. A few seconds long, too... no skimpy little close-ups for me, thank you very much. Aside from that, we made it into a few pan shots and wide shots of the audience, so we were all happy with the results. In addition, Francisco and Cat came over to watch the show with Jane and me, and Francisco made an amazing pasta dinner for all four of us, coupled with a wine that he spent a lot of time choosing to go well with the pasta cheeses and a lovingly prepared garlic bread that we polished off almost too quickly. I'd taken the liberty to pck up an amaretto cake on my way home that afternoon, so we finished up with a slice of that. Very nice, on the whole. Yeay. Anyway, we didn't have any means of recording it, but Chuck got it on TiVo back in Dallas, so there's a chance I'll get a copy of it eventually, if I find that I just can't live without it. I think I'll be fine without, but it's nice to know it's out there.

Yesterday wasn't too shabby, either. The world premier of the Francis Xavier documentary took place on Fordham campus, at Duane Library. It was a standing-room-only crowd, especially since Liam Neeson, the narrator of the film, was rumored to make an appearance at the premier. He didn't, of course, but it was still pretty damn cool. Before the film began, they asked all of the people there who participated in the making of the film to stand up. Apparently, I was one of very few participants in attendance (besides the composer... he was there, and looking very nervous)... I stood up, and there was a lot of applause, which was ackward, since I was one of the only people standing. I sat down as soon as I could, but people kept clapping and patting me on the back and congratulating me and such. The film started shortly afterward, and I have to admit I was surprised... t was really top notch, very professional, and Liam Neeson was the perfect voice-over. The music was great, and the vocal portions came off really well... we sounded like a much larger group than we actually were. I could hear myself in the group, but I wasn't sticking out or anything, which was my main concern. When it was over, the applause was huge... people kept the applause going all the way through the credits. And then, when the credits got down to the musicians, a welcome surprise... rather than list us as an ensemble, our names were listed individually, in large case, just like everyone else. Wow. That was pretty great, I'll say.

Afterwards, we made our way to a reception on the third floor, and people contiued to approach me and congratulate me, which was strange, because I didn't realize that anyone knew who I was. Many of them were Jesuits, and some were those involved with the film that I'd had contact with during planning and recording. The writers and producers talked to me, and I had a nice chat with the composer, who was very gracious and complemented me for... get this... my professionalism. "You were so professional, and it was nice to have a seasoned artist there when most of the other singers didn't have recording experience... you sounded great and you took a leadership role, and it helped a lot." Really? I thought he might have confused me with someone else... I still think he did, but I'm not complaining. I thanked him, and told him to keep me in mind if he ever had need for a mezzo again. I got my free wine and cheese, said some goodbyes, and made my way home. Cool... I was in a movie with Liam Neeson. Sort of. John likes to remind me that it's not exactly the case, so let me rephrase... my voice is in a movie with Liam Neeson's voice. Still pretty kick-ass.

Right. Back to the real world. I have class tomorrow, followed by working on three papers, an IRB application, and a conference proposal. Friday is a recording day... all day, hopefully. This weekend will have to include a laundry day, since I've pretty much run out of clothes at this point. Besides, it's high time I tried to clean my room, which is pretty scary. Whatever. I'll be home in about a week to watch John graduate, then I'm coming back here to tie up the rest of my loose ends before summer. That's fine... for the record, I'm still having a blast.


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