Thursday, April 20, 2006

Momentum... where'd I put it?

I'm sure it's around here somewhere...

Things are just zipping by now. I mean, no sooner do I land back in New York than I'm completely inundated with crap to do. I have two major presentations next week, two major papers theweek after that, and a statistics final to cap it all off. Oh, and let's not forget the quantitative thesis component that I have to submit a proposal for in that same span of time. And, lucky me, Ihave a women's self defense workshop to teach next week, one I haven't exactly put together completely at this point. Good times.

No matter... it was high time the tension ball got rolling. The semester was already churning along, sure, but it wasn't trying to kill me yet. I was starting to think things were getting easier, or that maybe I was even getting better at managing my time and my choices. Stupid, stupid girl. I think I'm ready for the hammer to drop, though. I'm feeling rested enough, I'm no longer sick with the plague, and I at least have a running timeline of things to do, one I can look at and freak out about in a nice, structured, orderly fashion. Perhaps making these weird little to-do lists is the only talent for organization that I possess, but it's at least proven to be a pretty handy resource. Okay, so first we have the presentations... two of them, twenty minutes a piece. One of them is this coming Monday. that one will take a few hours to put together, but it's nothing I can't handle. In addition, I have to put together a fake syllabus for a course I would hypothetically teach on learning and behavior, and that might take a little chunk of time, too, so i have to plan to stick that in somewhere as well. then there's the second presentation... a power point thing about the program I've been pseudo-evaluating all semester. that'll be a doosie, but at least I can do fluffy things with the power point.

The papers are barely a thought in my mind at the moment. I refuse to let them be. Let that be next week's headache, I say. For now, I'll let the presentations be the source of angst that I contend with. Ugh... fun.


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