Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The benefits of insomnia

For starters, you have more time in the day. I'm not fighting that. I'm not trying to stay up to the wee hours, but it happens pretty regularly, no matter what I do. The way I see thing, I may as well make the best of it, right?

John tells me he's been under the weather. There are one or two people here that seem to have come down with the odd bug. So far, I'm doing fine. Actually, this has proven to be something of a record for me... I have a reputation for being sick pretty much all the time. Well, so much for my reputation. I mean, I get sick when I visit Texas, but I'm just fine when I'm here in New York. Seeing as I live here now, I'm looking forward to the possibility of abandoning that old reputation of mine. That's the only reason I feel a little less than enthusiastic about my accidental long nights of less-than-lengthy sleep. If I want to keep my health looking as good as it has so far, I figure sleep might be helpful.

In the meantime, though, I'm making the best of it. I've so far memorized my lines for Vagina Monologues, gotten most of my presentation for my Program Evaluation course finished, and actually cleaned my room a little. My theory is that doing all of this will make me sleepy and knock me out for the night eventually, but it's not looking good. Ah, well... on to crunches and curls, I guess. Who ever thought that lack of sleep was a good excuse for middle-of-the-night workouts? Okay, maybe that's not so far fetched, but it is for me. Trust me... I don't see this part of the evening becoming a long-lived habit. Sure, I'm living pretty healthy now, but there's no way I'm becoming some sort of fanatic about it.


Anonymous mom said...

I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. Rest is not just for one's body but also a great deal for the mind. Try not to overcrowed your schedule and you can have more time to yourself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 10:31:00 AM  

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