Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sick of sick

I had a good run... I haven't been sick like this for, like, months and months and MONTHS. Typically, back in Texas, this sort of thing was a monthly occurrence. Left and right, I was beset on all sides by criticisms that I simply don't take good care of myself, that I run myself into the ground, that I'm to blame for my ever declining health. Well, screw everybody. I've been doing more here in New York than I ever did in Texas, and I've never been so healthy for so long.

So now I'm sick again. Mind you, it's not as bad as it's been. Yes, it's a bronchial infection, but it's not typical... it's not in my lungs, just up top, and I have the sqweaky clean chest x-ray to show for it. I caught this stupid thing from one of my students, no doubt, or from one of the philosophy bastards who have been running around spreading coughs and colds and pneumonia and bronchitis and mono like it's going out of style. At any rate, I came down with this thing last weekend, and now, at long last, it's dwindling. And yet, in spite of my great track reccord, here come the criticisms... I'm not taking care of myself... I don't do enough to stay healthy... I work too hard... I must not be eating well... ENOUGH! Friends, family... Romans, countrymen... get off my back. I'm doing fine. Even really healthy people get sick from time to time. And now, for crying out loud, it really IS from time to time with me. Give me SOME credit, will you?

Well, I can hope, at least.

Nothing spectacular going on otherwise. Schoolwork is chugging along, recording is almost done, laundry is still the devil, and I'll be back in Texas for the Easter break. I did see a nun in full habbit rollerblading in central park the other day. Oh, and last night, on the bus in Queens, I saw a pimp and his ho have a fight and start slapping each other. That was fun. Otherwise, though, nothing to report, really. Just looking ahead these days... finishing the recording process means starting the mastering, and I want more than anything to get it out there and get on with it. John moves here in August and starts his PhD program at Fordham, which makes me smile every time I think about it... so I smile a lot, basically. For now, though, I'd love to get a break from all this coughing... that, at the very least, would be nice right about now. In the meantime, I had a concert series last weekend with choir, I have a concert this afternoon with the women, and then I'm outta here for a week. Let's just hope I don't cough my way through the concert... not a solo I think anyone would appreciate.


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