Thursday, July 27, 2006

Making Mom proud, making my world cold

That's right, Mom... you'll like this one.

As a favor to my choir director at Fordham, I acquiesced to cantor a couple of masses at University Church this summer. Okay, so I'm getting paid for a couple of them, but whatever... I did one for free. Anyway, the first of these was this past Sunday, and I think it went well. Jane, of roommate fame, came by to see, and a couple of other folks from her department were there, as well as one of the girls who was in Vagina Monologues with me. It wasn't a particularly difficult mass or anything... it's just been a little while since I've cantored one of these, so I was a little nervous. I got there early, as planned, to meet with the nun who'd be playing for me, Sister Judith. She was nice, and she played well... that's really all I could possibly ask for from anyone I'm working with for the first time. We ran through the music, and we were ready to go. I only knew a couple of the songs, so I'd be sight reading the rest. Frankly, that makes it a little more fun for me... otherwise, it's a little dull. Before the mass, Sister Judith leaned over to me and whispered, "Are you nervous?" I smiled and said no. She said, "Good. Because when people are nervous, you can hear it over the radio." That's when it dawned on me, and I think she saw it. "You did know that this is going to be broadcast over the radio, right?" She had a look on her face that made me think she was regretting having told me. I shrugged. "Sure, yeah," I assured her, lying to a nun in church for what was definitely not the first time... I mean, come on... I grew up in catholic schools... lying to nuns in church was a sport for us when I was a kid. (Chrissie, you'll back me up on this one, right?)

Then, before I walked up to my podium to lead the opening hymn, an older gentleman apprached me and asked for my name, so that it could be announced during the broadcast. He also said that I should welcome everyone and announce the celebrant. "Who's the celebrant?" I asked him. He and Sister Judith exchanged a puzzled look. He turned back to me with a little smile. "The cardinal, dear... Just say that the celebrant this morning will be Avery Cardinal Dulles." Again, I had something dawn on me, and again, Sister Judith picked up on it. "Yes," she grinned, "that Dulles." (For those who don't know, he comes from an important family... think of the airport in Washington, and the city nearby... that Dulles.)

Right. No pressure.

Actually, it went fine. At least, that's what Jane said, and I know she wouldn't lie to me, so I feel good about it. After that, we went to breakfast with a few folks, and that was that. All in all, nice. Besides, now I can add a radio credit to my exploits in New York this year. So yes, a busy morning... I was on the radio with the cardinal... and had French toast afterward. There, Mom... happy?

So now, I'm in my bedroom, sweating. I can't work online from my living room right now because my router is on the fritz, so I have to be archaic and plug into the cable modem like a caveman. Ah, well... I'll get by somehow. Besides, after I'm done, I can go into the living room and freeze.

Oh, yeah. You heard it right... I have an air conditioner.

My sweet baby showed up today, with my microwave. No more cold leftovers for me, by the gods! I mean, sure, I could have put them in the oven or something, but that would've just heated up the place even more, and the mere thought of that was just painful. So my beautiful Friedrich 8000 btu showed up, and now my world is a blissful ball of smiling whimsy. I may never leave my living room again. I mean, at least after I'm done sweating over this blog entry. The labor of the window installation, which proved to be no small feat, made the first purrs I heard and felt from its glorious vents all the more precious and pure. Ah the benevolence of technology... the thing has a remote! I can't remember when I've ever been this happy. (Um... I love you, too, John. No, really. You have many good qualities, and people say you dress well.)

Right. I have a date with my seat next to the window in the living room... if you'll excuse me...


Blogger christine said...

LOL...I'm glad to see that you put your Catholic school training to good use....I am very proud....Next step...Lying to the priest!!

Friday, July 28, 2006 11:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... said "by the Gods." My slow pogrom of syntactical assimilation is proceeding apace. And don't give me any crap about "I always said that, I never got that from you...". You'll be saying "seven hells" next. Love you. -Papa

Saturday, July 29, 2006 2:55:00 AM  
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