Thursday, August 03, 2006

One year down, two boys up

No, no... it really does feel like a year has passed.

It's been a good enough year, too. Not perfect, but certainly not without it's highlights. What's the line out of that Ani DiFranco song that Jane pointed out to me a while ago... "I had a year of New York City under my belt..." Oh, but it makes an incredible difference. One year of the city, and you really are changed. I'd like to think I've changed for the better, too. At least, I haven't seen or heard proof of the contrary. So I've knocked out a year of being here, and I have to say it was better than I hoped. Now, if John would just hurry up and get here, I could get on with the fun already.

John is on his way up to New York at this very moment, actually. He's got Chuck, Jay, and Nate with him. Oh, and the cat. Anyway, they're in a two-vehicle caravan driving from Dallas to NYC. They left yesterday evening, so they expect to be here by some point on Friday. A group of my good friends are delivering my two boys to me, at long last... I've no doubt they've got their work cut out for them. As for me, I've got to get this apartment ready. I mean, I have a couple of papers due for my summer courses, but that can wait a moment... I have a wreck of an apartment to attend to.

I hired some painters to help me finish the job I started. Frankly, I ran out of time and steam, and I needed some professional help to get it done. Also, the bathroom was scary enough to be deemed far beyond the reach of my home improvement expertise. They had to scrape, replaster, sand, and repaint, which has taken two days... it should be done by this evening, thankfully. My work includes getting everything put away somewhere before John gets here with his giant moving truck that's full of our house. Off I go, then.


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