Saturday, November 11, 2006

Parade of the damned

And everyone else, I suppose. At long last, here are photos from when John and I went to the Halloween parade in the village. It wasn't enough, of course, to simply be there, so we dressed up and got into the parade, as one is pretty much an idiot to not do, if only at least once.

This one is a picture of me on the subway, on the way to the parade. The corset was actually not as tight as I think it looks here, but it did make me long for the days when women wore these, because I must have shrunk by five or six inches around my waist. And, by the way, if anyone's wondering what we went as... we're Venetian masqueraders (or Venetian masks). I think it's a little more obvious when looking at John's costume.

See what I mean? (and you can't miss the beauty of the picture that's behind him, no doubt.)Anyway, a lot of people were running around the city in costume, most of them headed to the parade, so we weren't exactly complete sore thumbs on the subway. Still, people thought John was pretty creepy, which he absolutlely loved, and lots of people wanted pictures, which I'm sure he didn't mind posing for. Anyway, I think I can let most of the rest of the pictures speak for themselves:

Okay... these are real firemen. Back to the fakes!

And now, my favorite:

The runners of Pamplona

...and one of their bulls. These folks must have run like crazy all night! Great gag... they win the originality prize from me, hands down.


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