Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving plans, or lack thereof

Interestingly enough, we've decided not to go out of our way to do, well, anything at all for Thanksgiving. With different branches of the family spread out across the greater known world, and with money not growing off that tree I planted, we decided we'd stick around in New York and take it easy, treating it more like a real vacation. Typically, Thanksgiving is more of a marathon consisting of family and food, and usually far too much of both. At this point, we've already made plans and bought tickets to go to Texas for a couple of weeks during the Christmas break, and since that's not so far in the future, we figured we'd wait until then to see everyone. So far, no one's voiced any violent opposition to the game plan, so we're pleased with it all around.

Vacation though it may be, there'll be plenty of work to do while we're, um, relaxing. I have a pretty heavy load of writing and research to plow through over the next few days, and I think John's got his hands full with one or two projects of his own. This will be a true test of our discipline as students, I suppose, although I can't say I'm feeling very optimistic at the moment. The thing is, I'm feeling a certain brand of laziness setting in, the sort that hits right around this time of year, just as the end of the semester is in sight. Simply put, I'm tired. I'm tired not only in the sense that I've been working just about as non-stop as I think I ever have, but in terms of not having had much chance to do the things I'd rather from time to time. I wouldn't mind being this busy if I had just a little time for more songwriting and guitar, for weekend performances around the city... I'd be busier if I did it, but I'd be better off somehow, I think.

Enter Thanksgiving. I've decided it'll be my chance to seize upon moments I wouldn't have come across if we'd chosen to do the usual Thanksgiving travel. I won't have to steal away a momet or two for music, as I've had to the past few months. No, I think I can manage a bit more than that.


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