Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love and addiction

Let's face it... one goes hand in hand with the other. As for me, I'm fine with it. Sure, I have my little vices, and I can't say they get in the way of anything, so I'm willing to let them be. Right now, for instance, I'm doing a stretch of all-nighters (which brings me all the more in touch with one of my favorite addictions, caffeine... I love you, caffeine... so much...). It's that time of year, after all. And the process, in itself, is an addictive one. You get loads of work done, which gives you a strange sense of gratification. Besides, you look at the hours you're managing and think to yourself, "wow... I can't believe I did that." Sick, I know, but it's pretty damn fulfilling. Just ask John. He's sitting right behind me, pulling these late nights right along with me. This is actually a first... he's never been much for this sort of thing, but now he finds that it holds the same sort of appeal for him as it does for me. Besides, it's a weird kind of fun... we get to spend time together, proofread for one another, give each other encouragement when it gets a little rough. Anyway, I have a key to the psychology computer lab at Lincoln Center, since it's where I teach my labs for Intro Psych. We sit at opposite computers, back to back, then spend a couple of hours cranking out a bunch of work before taking a break to walk around outside or grab a bite to eat... whatever strikes our fancy. Personally, I love this. Best run of all-nighters I've ever had the pleasure of pulling. At the moment, I'm working on a big, fat research paper that's due in a couple of days, along with a take-home categorical analysis final. John's translating a bunch of Latin. We've seldom been happier.

So tomorrow marks our eight year wedding anniversary. The question did come up, of course, as to whether or not we'd be attempting another one of these late-night ordeals on that night of nights. The verdict? Probably. I mean, we're together (which is more than I could say for last year), we're kind of enjoying this, and they're even providing free midninght breakfast on campus tomorrow. Not so bad a deal, really. Besides, we actually do have a ton of work left to do. And if we want to do something more traditional to celebrate, there's no rule that says we can't put it off until our work is done, right? Ah, true love.

Speaking of addictions, here are some pictures of me taking part in another one... women's choir at Fordham. It's a good time, and Stephen, our director, is quite tallented and has become one of my very good friends. Sure, it takes up a nice chunk of time, but I have to make allowances for this kind of thing. Consider it a hobby. Okay, so I have, like, fourteen such hobbies, but whatever.


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