Friday, January 12, 2007

No, it's not a resolution

... because I didn't make any kind of promise at New Year's. The point is, I want to get back on the weight loss kick that was so effective for me last year. I've kept the weight off since I lost it, which is good, but now I'm looking to really kick myself in the face and get down to a weight I think I've only seen once in my life, which was probably back when I was in junior high. If I can lose 40 more pounds, I'd be on absolute fire. It may seem like a huge number, but it isn't, really... after all, I've already lost that much (and a little more, in fact) since I moved to New York. And even with that weight loss, I'd still be well above my recommended weight for my height. At any rate, I've decided to push my own buttons all over again and give it a shot.

Lucky for me, I'm not the only one. Since the weight loss competition I engaged in last year, it seems that the rest of the participants are of the same mind. Some have put on even more weight, some are unhappy with their original results. In any case, everyone else is also feeling the need to take up the weight loss torch. That's why we've collectively decided to reinstate the weight loss competition, now with new goals and new monetary commitments. I don't know how confident everyone is, but at least we're all pretty determined, so I'm not counting anyone out just yet. John is convinced he's looking a mess, so he wants to lose another thirty or so, which I think is truly ridiculous. He's pretty serious about it, though, as I am. And who doesn't love a challenge? Anyway, the game is afoot. Again. We had our first weigh-in on Wednesday, so we're all off and running... all the original participants, plus one or two more.

John and I started working out yesterday... I don't wanna talk about it. My muscles are doing plenty of talking right now. No use complaining... I've got more of it ahead of me later today. Classes start up again next Tuesday, so I have until them to get myself up to some kind of comfortable operating level with all the new working-out business I'm putting myself through. I've been careful not to overdo things, minding my diet and the amount of work I do, so I'm pretty confident that I won't be so sore after workouts in a few days. Besides, John and I have a couple of days set aside for working on the apartment, and I have a little prep work ahead of me before the semester kicks off, so it's not like I'll be in the gym 24/7. That might not be the worst idea, given the work I have ahead of me. Don't worry, though... I'm not about to run myself ragged over this. I'm generally too busy for that anyway.


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