Saturday, June 30, 2007

It just figures

I'm happy to report that I'm officially done with teaching my summer lab and taking my summer course. I taught my last lab this past Monday, and I finished my paper and took my final exam. Done and done. So I'm free for the summer, right?

Yeah. Keep dreaming.

The day after my final, the day after turning in my paper, the first day of absolute summer freedom... I got an email from my thesis mentor. Apparently, my thesis is good, but it needs one more revision before I'm in the clear with it. Lovely. So now I'm going to spend the next two or three weeks working on that blasted thing AGAIN. I don't know... I did harbor some little secret hope that my last revision would be the keeper. Well, not really. I'm not THAT much of an optimist. On the bright side, at least they seem to like it well enough, save a few things here and there that need "clarification." More like "defend what it is you just said here so that we run out of questions about it." Sure... fair enough... I can do that.

Okay... but at least give me a couple of days to breathe! I'm taking some tme off, at least until after the July 4th holiday. My friend Donnie is coming in from Dallas for a few days, and we're going to the Morrissey concert tonight. Woohoo! the junior high kid inside of me is DYING to put on white face powder and black eye shadow so I can look fierce and dark and misunderstood by my parents. Ugh... I wanna go back to England. Anyone feel like giving to the cause? I know, I know... go out and sing for your supper, or your bangers and mash, or whatever. Right. I'll do another open mic tomorrow. Maybe I'll sell a CD, or manage to show some leg for a dollar. BUY MY CD, PEOPLE!


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