Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Merry

So there went Christmas. Not a bad one, either. For starters, we got to see the family, catch up with close friends that we haven't seen in a while, score some pretty great shwag, etc. John and I will be going in on Monday for new tatoos, which will be good family fun, and I'll be doing the Holiday in the Park thing at Six Flags wih my darling boys, the Johns and Ricky and Roger, some time on Friday. Best of all, (or, at least I think it is), we've actually managed to stay on top of things where our workout regimen is concerned; we've gotten into the gym like clockwork, and my running schedule/John's lifting routine have remained unsabotaged. Wow.

On that note, I'm about to embark on my third week of transition on my Medifast diet. I've finally gotten a few ooohs and aaahs on my weight, so I'm gratified on that front at long last. Transition, though, means the re-introduction of a bunch of foods that I haven't so much as thought about or looked at in the past six months, which is both exciting and terrifying all at once. For instance, I began eating extra vegetables for the first time three weeks ago, and two weeks ago saw the addition of fruit to my daily meals. Starting tomorrow, it'll be time to throw dairy back into the mix, and the following week will be time to include grains and breads. It may not seem like a huge deal, but it's pretty freakin' enormous to me. For one, I'm weighin in at about 127 pounds, a full three pounds below my goal. I can't say I've ever... EVER... weighed that little. Hell, I may have come from the womb at heavier than that. So yeah, I'm pretty scared, mostly because I don't want to lose what I've worked so hard to attain. I'm following the transition schedule put in plce by Medifast, though, so I should be fine. Hey... they brought me this far, and they haven't let me down yet, so I'm willing to give these folks the benefit of the doubt. meanwhile, I'll continue with my marathon training, as well as preparing for a 15K that's coming up in a little over a week (a "resolution run" over in Addison), which I signed up to run while I was still back in New York. And let's not forget my studying for comps, which I'll admit has gotten off to a slow start. But hey... slow and steady... well, at least I'm hoping slow and steady will do something good for me, because that's what I've got at the moment.

By the way, if you're reading this and I haven't gotten to visit you (assuming you're a friend of mine living in the DFW area), drop me a line already!


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