Saturday, September 01, 2007

When duty calls

In other words, I didn't feel I had a choice. I was all set to go see a show with Miraj in the city. We hadn't decided what show... we were just going to stand in line and see what tickets there were. As I'm getting ready to leave, I get a phone call, and I don't recognize the number. I answer, and it's my department chair. I figure it's something to do with my thesis, but no... it's an invitation to go with him, his son, and a friend, to the Giants/Jets preseason game that evening. Well, gee, let me see...

How do you say no, even when it's this random? It's my department head, for crissake! Naturally, I stammered a yes, then called Miraj and explained. Of course, he understood, as he would have certainly done the same thing if in my position, and graciously gave me a raincheck on going to a show. After that, I took a train to go meet them for the game, and we drove to the stadium. the game was fine... it was what it was, and being that I'm a Giants fan (when I'm not looking out for the Cowboys), I really only paid attention to the first half, when the first string players were up. Eli Manning was in good form, and they finished the half ahead of the Jets. Yeah, so they officially lost the game, but the second half didn't count... stupid second stringers.

On the weight loss front, things are great... I have an official weigh-in tomorrow, and I'm expecting to be around 162, maybe lower. Whatever... I'm perfectly happy with that. John and I have been running a good bit, which I'm enjoying, particularly since we've been having such great weather. As soon as it gets colder around here, things are going to be different running-wise. New clothing will be in order, I'm sure. Oh, and John's contemplating running a half marathon in a couple of weeks. I want to, but I think it would be pushing it... I've run the "big loop" at Central Park twice now, which is six miles, but that's nothing near the 13 miles that are entailed in a half marathon. Granted, John hasn't run that far in a stretch yet, either, but he's certainly in better shape to do it at this point. Anyway, we're both going to train for it, even if one or both of us doesn't run it. I'm not going to be ready in time, of course, but it wouldn't hurt to pretend, right?

School is starting up next week. I think I'm ready. I've been moving into my new office (which I'll be sharing with Miraj and a new student... it'll be big enough for sure, and it'll be nice to have the company), and work on the conference website is chugging along. Classes, as usual, will just happen, and I'll work through them like I always do. Now I just wish they'd hurry up and start... I kind of want to get on with the year already!


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