Monday, August 21, 2006

Counting down to class

I admit that I've been short on vacation time this summer. After all, I'm a student... one of the best perks is the vacation time. Nevertheless, I somehow found a way to cheat myself in that respect. I taught through June, took courses through July, and have been working on my apartment and getting John moved in through August. So much for my summer.

Actually, I think I'm looking forward to getting back to school. No, really. I mean, come on... how long have I been doing this school thing? Like, twenty-something years? Think about it. I must like it at least a little. To be honest, I'm just pumped about seeing John get into his groove. For starters, it's finally dawning on him that... um... I was right about moving us to New York. (Gee... who'd have thunk it.) Also, there's something really fabulous about this for him that he wasn't counting on... I'm the kind of friend who listens.

For years, he's been whining about wanting to do nothing but go to class and study martial arts. But in what world could he possibly do that an nothing else? Of course, he wouldn't mind teaching, but he would rather move on to teaching at the college level. Once again, a little impossible, as far as he could tell. So after years and years of listening to this, I decided I'd do what I could to get the ball rolling. When I made my move to New York, I told him I was doing it for both of us, and that I hoped he would understand my motivations someday, hopefully sonner than later. He supported me throughout, although he admitted he didn't quite see how this was supposed to be a beneficial move for both of us. Now that he's here, I think it's starting to set in. It's not that I'm handing him anything. I could never do that, and he hardly needs it. I just point my finger over at stuff that I think he might want to have a gander at... I'm like an extra set of eyes, one could say. So of course, I didn't get him into his doctoral program... I just gave him the application materials and threw on a little peer pressure. He's told me that some of his life dreams are being fulfilled now... he's learning praying mantis kung fu, he's studying Spanish rapier, and he's a week away from begining his doctorate work. And, if that wasn't enough, he'll also be teaching a freshman Intro to Latin course and a sophomore Intro to ancient Greek history, both at the Lincoln Center campus. And one of the courses he's taking is actually being offered at NYU, and the other two are at Lincoln Center. It doesn't get much better than that.

As for me, I'm just glad he's here. I've missed him, naturally. But more than anything, I'm just relieved that he likes his new life here so far. When school begins, things will really get interesting, I'm sure. For the next week, we have to work pretty much nonstop to get the apartment put together once and for all, and maybe get brave enough to have some friends over. I'm also going to be getting together with some other people who have agreed to serve on a pannel for Fordham GSAS orientation... we meet to talk about topics this Wednesday, then do the actual panel next Tuesday. How goofy would it be to take part in a panel for an orientation that John's attending? I'll be sure to report on my findings when it's all over.

At the moment, though, I should really get going. I promised John I'd hang up my guitars in the study/music room, and it's getting kinda late, so I don't want to run the drill into the night and keep the neighbors up. Ah, powertools. What's a girl to do without them?


Blogger christine said...

YAY, I'm glad to see that everything is coming together for the 2 of you!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 3:37:00 PM  

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