Monday, January 14, 2008

Extra fun

For starters, Ricky has been in town, so it's been extra happy for me these last few days. Ricky was a big part of my world back in Dallas, mostly at Dallas Opera rehearsals (and after rehearsals at the bar), so having him here for a few has been a real treat. That's one of my extras.

Another was the race I ran on Saturday. Okay, so I got there at 9:10, thinking I was early for the 9:30 start... except it was a 9:00 start. Great. So I get on the course anyway... the 5-mile course... for which they've already started taking up markers, so I can't tell where my turn is... so I manage to add an extra mile to the race by running the whole stinking 6-mile loop (but still finished ahead of the walkers... HA!!!), and the chip on my shoe didn't record my actual start/finish time, so I was clocked at something like an hour and twenty minutes for something that only took me about 55 minutes to run. Yeah... talk about extra.

Finally, there's my last extra... comps. Enough already with the stinking comps! I'm sick of them... I've done it once, and once is enough, thank you. I haven't studied nearly as much as I know I should have at this point, but hey... I have five more days, right? No problem... I've got this. Doesn't mean I'm not stressing, but I've got this.

Another little extra... at my practicum placement, I was offered the opportunity to apply for a part-time position that actually pays money, so that's in the works. Yeay for extra money (assuming I land the position). Anyway, fingers crossed, please.


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