Monday, August 28, 2006

Questions of orientation

Not that John has any. Or at least, none he's willing to admit. We'll just say he's secure in his manhood or whatever.

Graduate student orientation was today. The two of us went out to the Rose Hill campus this morning at an hour I'm not willing to disclose because I find it painful. Once there, we socialized, had a bit of complimentary breakfast, then went from one corner of campus to the other, running errands for the both of us. We stopped in at financial aid, human resources, graduate student office, bookstore, department offices... we had a full day on campus, to be sure. Pleasantly enough, there was plenty of visiting with folks, some old and some new (all of them new to John, though). Free lunch, too. How do you beat that? By the end of the day, John and I were loaded down with textbooks, som elight groceries, and an assortment of random baggage picked up here and there during the course of the day. We got home, worked on the apartment through the evening, and... well, here we are.

I'm ready. Enough with the 'getting ready" phase prior to school begining again. As soon as I can get into the groove of coursework, I can get on with the rest of everything... the apartment, martial arts, fencing, my CD... everything feels like it's on hold until the semester officially begins. How long do I have to sit in this limbo? It feels like months when it's only been days... and all the whle, the apartment lies in a state of work-in-progress that just barely keeps my hope alive. Ugh... somebody tell me when I can get on with it.


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