Sunday, January 27, 2008

Done with comps!!!

And I'm spent.

I never thought they could be so exhausting. seriously... it's two days later, and I'm still beat. I have loads of work to catch up with, work that I didn't have a chance to get to because I was to busy studying/freaking out about comps for the last two weeks. Turns out that three weeks is a long time to put the rest of the things in your life on hold, and it doesn't seem like it all went away, because here it all is, waiting for me to deal with it. well, too bad. I'm taking my time to get back into things. No worries, though... I'll get back to things. In a sec.
Meanwhile, in other news... I just landed a part time job with my practicum placement, working cases that are attached to the study I'm already involved with. So now they'll be paying me... yeay, money. I'm also still keeping the weight off, still marathon training and running a lot, still generally busy but happy enough with the state of things. John's focusing a great deal on his working out at the gym and reading Greek, two things he never did back in Texas.

It's cold. No snow, but it's definitely cold. being less fat in cold weather is not my idea of fun. If anyone has any ideas on how to be generally warmer in a smaller body would be most helpful.

I have a race next weekend, a little 4-mile run in the park. Beyond that, there are a couple of races afterward, in coming weeks. All I can say is that I better not get injured. That would definitely make running a bunch of races a lot more difficult. Here are some pictures from the races I did in December and earlier this month, a couple in texas and one when I got back to New York.

Here's the bunch of us at the "Just for the Heck of it" run in Arlington.

And here I am, later in that race, turning a corner and kicking a little ass.

See? I'm beating people. They're behind me. I like pictures where there are a bunch of people running behind me.

This is after new years, at the Addison Resolution Run... I was pretty happy about doing this one, because it was my first 15k. Turns out I'm capable of running a 15k. Notice the person running behind me. Oh, yeah.

And here I am crossing the finish. Incidentally, I ended up getting a trophy for this one... fourth place in my age group. Woohoo!

And this is at the Fred Lebow Classic, in Central Park, just after getting back home from Texas. Note the smiling. Running isn't just pain after all!

And then, the finish line... and people behind me! That never gets old, believe me.


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