Thursday, February 21, 2008

Checking things off the list

For instance... I just finished up headlining at an AIDS benefit concert at Fordham, which I think went well. It ran a little late, so the crowd was a little thinner when I finally got up there, but my set went well, and I sold a CD. Yeay for my big ten bucks! Anyway, it was fun, I'm glad I did it, and now it's done. I've also just finished vocalizing with the cast of the show I've been assistant music directing for (they're having their opening tonight), and they sound great, so my work's done there. As of this evening, I've put the finishing touches on the call for abstracts for the qualitative conference, and I'm on my way to upping my running miles tonight so that I'm into the double digits by next week in my marathon training regimen. Check, check, and check.

I'd like a nap, please.

I mean, I feel great, so I'm not running myself ragged or anything. I just want a nap, that's all. That, and about six extra hours tacked on to each day. I just don't have enough time, and that's always stressful. yesterday I gave an interview to the "Inside Fordham" paper, about my role as a graduate student mentor to the Fordham University Choir. Afterwards, I stoped and thought about what I'd said... something about other grad students probably wanting to do all the things I'm doing but simply not having the time to invest in the undergrad community, since they're so busy with their graduate work. it makes me wonder why the hell I think that I've magically found the time that the other people around me don't seem to have. Truth is, I haven't, though I continue to try. Was it always this way?

Yep. I've always done this. Ever since I was a kid... lessons, choirs, activities, shows... always. And there's always more, and I always do that, too. When cancer came along, I got this great excuse to keep doing things this way... live for the moment, you never know how long you have left, do everthing you possibly can, and all that. Whatever... I'm having fun, yo.


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