Saturday, March 08, 2008

In light of progress

I find that I have to make due with "eh" news now and then... not bad, by any means, just not entirely what I'd hoped for. For instance, I've recently been told (in a very secretive yet informal email) that an application I sent in asking for a certain kind of funding has gone through, and that I've been happily approved. Good news, right? Well, of course... the thing is, I only applied for that option because it was a fall-back, in case I didn't get the option I wanted. If I got the secondary option, that means the one I was hoping for isn't going to happen, as I can't get both. It's not even a difference of money (as far as I know, the sum is identical), but of what I'd be doing in the next year as a result. Oh, well... again, eh.

In other news, I'm running a 15k tomorrow morning, and I'm excited and nervous about it. i ran a 15k in january, when I was still visiting over in texas, but it wasn't a normal 15k... there was a 5k, then a 10k, with a break of a few minutes in between. This will be the first time for me to run this distance continuously, and I'm pretty stoked about it... just a little nervous, too. I ran about 6 miles today in preparation for it, so I think it'll be fine. I'm also not going to push for any kind of personal speed records... i think I'm just going to take it easy, run a moderate pace, and gt to the finish line without injury. As a somewhat-related side note, John and I are both in the lottery for the ING New York City Marathon in November 2008. Apparently, we find out in June or July or somesuch if we've been selected in the lottery, adn there have already been a record number of applicants, so who knows. Either way, I'm still marathon training, so if i don't get into the NYC Marathon, I'll find some other one somewhere else to run. besides, I'll have guaranteed entry in 2009, so I'll get to run it eventually, but it would kick a good deal of ass if I could run it this year, too.

In other mindless news, I'm getting back into th swing of things with music. I'll be going on a photo shoot in the next few weeks (since I've lost about 85 pounds since the last shoot, i think these are long overdue), and I'll be re-entering the circuit of open mic gigs in the city, with the very real posibility of (finally) doing an official CD release by summer. I've had a couple of people on my case lately, telling me I should put the album on iTunes, so I'm researching that at the moment. it'll likely cost a little, but I'm sure it'll be worth it, right? Anyway, buy my CD.

It's been raining here for a couple of days, but it's supposed to stop in plenty of time for the race tomorrow. It's also supposed to be pretty cold, but not as cold as the last race, so I'm sure I can handle it. Running in the cold is actually pretty nice, once you get throught he first mile or so.


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