Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oh, yeah... forgot I had a blog...

I didn't mean to, honest. Things have been completely nuts out here, though. Lots of work at the office, at school, with teaching... well, not so much with teaching, but its' still work. The running's going well; I'm up to about 30 miles a week, and will try to maintatin that for the next two or three weeks before adding any more. Speaking of which... I need to go for a run here pretty soon.

It's a gorgeous day in New York City today. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 degrees, and sunshine all over. It would be criminal not to go for a run in this. granted, it's a long day to run in... I had rehearsal all morning for a concert that's going on tonight 9and again tomorrow afternoon), but it's really just that gorgeous out there right now. I'd be kicking myself for a week if I didn't soak some of that in. As for the concert, I'm sure I'll be fine. Maybe a little tired, but whetever. Then I have a mass to sing at tomorrow, then the concert in the afternoon, then probably a work day at the office with John. I can handle that.

Where are we... April, right? Jeeze... that was quick. I'm not exactly complaining, just a little unprepared. This means that the semester will be over in just over a month, and I have some pretty major projects to complete. A philosophy paper, a practicum project, a conference presentation... no, two... and a nice big start on my dissertation. Ugh. I get tired just thinking about all of it. I know I'll get it doe... I always do... but I don't think I'm going to enjoy it very much. Jane's all done and going back to Canada to strart her new job. Andrea, another grad student in my program, is also leaving for a post doc at Harvard, and another one, Karla, is finishing up as well. A few of the undergrads I've met over the years are graduating and moving on. I'm starting to feel a little inadequate. That's normal, I suppose, but still not pleasant. Hell, I haven't even gotten the results of my comps yet. I'd love to have a huge milestone to celebrate, something to make me feel some sense of accomplishment. Guess I'll work on that for now. Does a dissertation proposal count? If so, that's in the fall, so I guess I'll keep my eyes open for something a bit sooner, something of a morale-booster kind of thing. Ideas are most welcome.

Meanwhile, I'm definitely in the grind. I go to a running class every Thursday, and am still taking fencing lessons every week. I fenced in a tournament last weekend and I didn't do too well, but at least I'm back at tournaments, so I could care less. I have a couple of voice students, and they, along with a few other invited folks, are putting on a recital that I've organized for them at the end of April. I have my sights on an audition in May, as well as a conference, and who knows how I'm going to feed myself over the summer. I've applied for a psycho-educational therapist position that doesn't really pay much, but it's experience I think I'll really benefit from... meanwhile, maybe an adjunct teaching gig over the summer might be good, just to do that silly grocery-shopping thing. I'm still leading the group therapy on Fridays for cancer patients, and I'm still in a size 4-6, which I'm actually kind of suprised by. I didn't gain it all back after all! I mean, I've actually managed to lose all this weight, stick to eating well, continue my workout regimen... I didn't think I was capable of it. Go figure.

I think that, in a few days, my CD will be on iTunes, which will be good, because maybe now I can make some money from all of that work in putting the album together. Who knows... it may not amke a difference, but I like to think it will. So yeah... buy my CD.

I need a break... I leave it at that.


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