Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogs are hard to keep updated

I obviously suck at this. Sorry to anyone who's been waiting around on baited breath... all one or two of you. Anyway, sorry, honestly. But to be honest, I've been on Facebook a lot, so you can always check me out there. Meanwhile, I've promised myself to update this thing more often, and her I am embarking on that very notion yet again. Sure, I fall off the wagon, but I can always get back on, right? It's not rolling very fast, after all.

Okay, so marathon training is in full swing, with just five more weeks before the moment of truth. I ran an 18-mile race in Central Park yesterday, and that went well. Next weekend is a half-marathon, just to tune up a bit, and after that I think I start tapering back my miles, so we'll see how that goes. Weightwise, I'm maintaining my goal weight, eating normal food, and feeling really healthy, so all's well on that front.

Work is busy but manageable, school is marginally more busy and slightly less manageable... I haven't picked up my guitar in a couple of weeks, and that's killing me. I'm thinking of doing a show for my birthday, sort of a gift to myself, and having as many people as are willing come out and join me. I also want a couple of days for a vacation, but I can't think of when those will happen. Thing is, I really need a break. I'm also teaching an Intro Psych course in the Bronx and a community college out there, and that's just about as much fun as I've had in a good while. Seriously gratifying work... didn't think I'd love it THIS much, but hey, I've been surprised before.

Well, there's that.

This is just my first little toe back in the blogging swimming pool... I promise I'll keep at it better. I think I need it, just to breathe, to take stock, to feel like I'm not alone in it. if that makes sense, good... that's all I can ask. If not, stay tuned... maybe I can clear it up for you before too long.