Sunday, February 25, 2007

Allowing for those little vices

Not that it's so huge a vice, really. Thing is, I don't miss an Academy Awards. Not a chance. Even when I've been working on a night that the Oscars are taking place, I make it a point to see them anyhow. So here I am, watching the damn thing. Yeay. I'm also sick with plague of some kind, so it's not like I'm going anywhere.

Allan Arkin just won for best supporting actor. I'd have yelled for joy, of course, if I could yell. Damn this plague.

Anyway, we're getting another round of snow, but who can say if it'll be much? Besides, it's warm here, indoors, as I bask in the warm television glow. In any case, I'm sure it'll be cold and dismal tomorrow, and I'll end up feeling even more miserable than I already do. Don't care... Oscars are on.

Still, I do have a rant. Why haven't I heard from my project manager on the CD yet? I mean, I've heard from her, but not really. All I got was an email telling me that my materials had arrived safe and sound at their offices, and that they'd be getting back to me in a couple of days to let me know how the design process was going. Well, it's been four days, maybe five... where the hell is my communication from the project manager? I mean, come on! It's been a long road to get here, I've finally gotten the money together to do this thing right, and now I have to WAIT???? What more can the fates ask of me, in my weakened, plague-ridden state, besought on all sides by projects and papers and deadlines and nasal congestion and snow and LACK OF PRINTED AND PRODUCED CDS???

Who cares... Oscars are on.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Love for the cold at heart, landmarks, and all that sort of thing

At the moment, I'm in the middle of doing a bunch of work, as usual. I'll be brief, then:

1) Valentine's Day was great. Colder than I'd like, but nice. John and I gave each other guitars... I got a new Taylor A/E, and John got his first A/E bass.

2) It's finally warming up a little around here, so we've been able to walk around wearing fewer layers. That may not seem like a big deal, but hey... if you ask anyone around here, it's something.

3) I'm officially about two weeks away from having my CDs (currently and officially in final production) ready for sale. Anybody interested? This, of course, means I get to go back to performing, which I miss desperately. That, and maybe I can sell some of these CDs while I'm at it, yes?

There's the short end of it... back to work.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Painful burdens of self-betterment

I'll say more later... for now, I just want to report that I'm sore from working out, so my arms aren't moving so freely. Also, I've been busy beyond belief, which is hard to be given the fact that my arms can't move so much. At least my tricepts, anyway. So yeah, typing hurts, too, but not so much that I haven't been working on things. My latest goal has been to complete a website for the upcoming qualitative conference, which is coming together nicely. So far, not too shabby, but I have a lot of work to do on it. I also have a couple of papers to write, my thesis data to finish up, and tons of reading to catch up on. My eyes are drying out just thinking about the reading I have to do. Oh, and the CD... I'm sending in the materials to get it all done, so it shouldn't be but a couple of weeks before it's done at long last. That's what's missing... I really, really, REALLY miss playing gigs, and I swore I wouldn't until the damn CD was printed and ready to sell, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Three day weekend's coming... it needs to hurry up and get here, I say.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things of beauty

I just want to say that I'm relatively pleased with things right now, at least in terms of the decisions I've made over the past week. One of those decisions has a great deal to do with most everything I do every day... something I'm actually doing right now.

This past Thursday, John and I went to the gym, then thought we'd head over to the Apple store, just on the other side of Central Park from where we usually are over by Columbus Circle. John was in the market for a new case for his iPod, and I never need much of an excuse to get over there. Okay, so that ONE purchace was probably expected. What might not have been expected, though, were the backpack I got for myself (my shoulder's been killing me lately, so I thought a single-sling backpack might help a bit), two laptops, and a double jack so that John and I can plug both of our headphones into one iPod when we're on the subway (comes in handy, believe me). So yes, an eventful shoping day. And yes, that's right... we got two new laptops. John's been wanting one for ages, since his is so heavy. My computer's pretty light, but rather cumbersome... something about how the weight's distributed on the little thing. Besides, Chuck has been working on us for years to get Macs. Well, he won. We each got a brand spanking new MacBook, and they're just lovely. I mean really, really beautiful machines, these. We've been spending the last couple of days getting used to the operating system (yeah, yeah, so Vista looks cool, but it turns out we can do the same windows-layering thing with the Mac OS... tee hee), redistributing our notes from old computers to new, getting the new ones set up on the home network, etc., in addition to doing actual work. Of course, we get to do the work on the new computers, so that's nice. I haven't named mine yet, but I think I pretty much have to.

Yesterday, John and I went to the pet store. We were shoping for a new carry bag for Kyadden, but have yet to decide on which one we should get, even now. At any rate, there was a bird there, a variety of parrot called a Caique (pronounced kah-EEK) whose name is Papacito. Anyway, he's the sweetest, most wonderful bird ever, loves to cuddle, and is just gorgeous. We were two seconds away from buying him and bringing him home with us when we noticed the price, which was a little ridiculous. We went home to do a little more research, and discovered that he was priced almost double what breeders sell them for, so we had to make the tough decision of not making this particular guy part of our crew. We'll definitely be back to visit, though, until someone gives him a new home. And who knows... we might decide to contact a breeder at some point in the future and give it a try with another Caique. Still, Papacito won our hearts, no question.

There's a chance that John and I will be teaching over the summer. There's also a chance that, from June 15th through about the 30th, we'll be going to the Phillipines with my Mom to visit all those members of my family that I've only ever seen pictures of, along with about three times as many that I don't even know exist. Either way, it'll be interesting. I'm just trying to look ahead into the distance. It's hard to do in the midst of so much work... John's bogged down in the other room with translation, and I'm working on readings and research and so on. The idea that there could be some kind of chock-full-o-beauty tropical vacation waiting for us in about four months does seem to help make the current passage of time a little easier to bear. Having a tropical bird around would probably do a beeter job of it, of course, but I'll settle for this, for now.

On a sadder note, Gian Carlo Menotti died. He was 95, and composed some pretty notable stuff on the classical scene, including "Amahl and the Night Visitors" and "The Consul." I want to extend my gratitude to him for many wonderful episodes I've spent performing his music... "Sleep, my love, sleep for me..."

Just beautiful... thank you for that.