Saturday, November 24, 2007

Providing pictoral evidence

Not that I don't think anyone believes me, but I thought it would be helpful to prove my recent running bug has really been genuine. By the way, no, I don't wear the same yellow hoodie to every race... just to these, my first and third. The second one involved a TOTALLY different outfit. Or at least a different hoodie. Whatever. It's cold out, and at least I kept warm. Here, then, are a couple of pictures of me at a couple of races and the stuff they gave me while I was there:

This one is at the finish line of the Polan Spring 5-mile Marathon Kick-off. The gloves I'm wearing were a gift they gave us at the race, which was really nice of them, considering how freaking cold it was. I'm also wearing a race t-shirt under the hoodie, compliments of the race organizers.

This is right after finishing the Prospect Park Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, another 5-mile one...

And check it out... the fools gave me a bag AND a medal! No t-shirt at this one, but hey... it's a pretty nice bag. And let's not overlook the significance of the medal!

The second race I ran, the "Race to Deliver," was on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and it was a 4-mile race. They gave me a t-shirt (long-sleeved this time... gotta love the variety), and I should have a picture from that one soon, if anyone cares. Next up is the Joe Kleinerman 10K, on December 9th. Maybe there'll be a race to run in Texas while we're there, so I don't get bored! Anyway, there you have it... I run.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okay, okay, I'm back already!

Sorry about being gone, but hey... I actually got THAT busy. The short of it: lots and lots and lots of school work, rehearsals, got sick for a second, and lost more weight. So there you go.

Ah, the weight... I'm about nine pounds awy from my goal!!! That's right, people... I'm smaller now than I've been at any point in my adult life... that is, if I'm an adult yet. Nine pounds. The plan is to lose those last nine pounds by the time we go back to Dallas. I think it's doable, but I'm not worried about it if I don't get there. I mean, I'm in the freaking 130s now, even if it's 139, so I'm not complaining. Besides, I'll get to 130 before too long, and I don't mind cutting myself a break over the holidays. I've learned how to maintain my weight and choose the right foods to eat, when to eat, how often to eat, and so on. This diet has been, for lack of a better way to put it, one of the best things that's ever happened to me. John's even using the stuff, although not in the same way... more in the way that I'll be using it in a couple of months, for maintenence and supplement to regualr food. But yeah... I've lost 61 poinds in 5 months. I am trully cool.

On that note, I need new clothes. I have a couple of coats now, which is good, beause it's getting pretty cold now. I'm also running a lot now, and will be running my third race tomorow, a 5-mile Turkey Trott as Prospect Park on Thanksgiving morning. Before that, I ran the Poland Spring 5-mile Marathon Kickoff, and last Sunday I ran the Race to Deliver, a 4-miler... both of those were at Central Park, so it was familiar territory. In a couple of weeks, I have another race, but I don't remember what it is at the moment. Point is, I run more now. Hopefully, when I get back on a regular diet, I'm going to start marathon training, especially since I automatically qualify for the NYC Marathon if I run enough qualifying races during the year (I've already run two, so I'm on my way)... Who'd have thunk it, right?

I'm off, then... John and I have some errands today, before Thanksgiving at Aunt jenny's tomorrow. Just wanted to pop in and give an update, and promise that I won't stay away that long from the blog again... I mean it!